Following the latest Government guidelines - 02.04.20


At this time we have no timescale of closure, this will depend fully on the advice of government


Although it has been argued that the fresh air and open countryside that surrounds us is possibly the best environment to be in, it only takes one case which could have a devastating affect on our reputation if we do not take the most responsible course of action at this time. We have built a reputation of providing great customer service and helping our community and this has to transcend into the difficult times we face at present.


The well being and health of everyone MUST take priority in these circumstances. This is also our home, our children are now to be home schooled due to school closures for the foreseeable future. We cannot underestimate the challenges that face us as a family in the coming weeks and it would be unfair to both us, our children and you as guests not to take this into consideration.


We shall of course contact those guests with bookings and discuss the options available to them going forward. We shall contact all of those who contact us as quickly as we can, you will appreciate this is likely to be a very busy time for us. We will be publishing latest information on our Facebook page and via our website so please keep an eye on those. As we receive updates on our position we will publish these to the best of our ability and at the earliest opportunity.


This is a challenging time  for everybody and we feel it important that we all remain unified to ensure we come through this with the best possible outcome. Your continued support will be very much appreciated  -

We are constantly monitoring the most recent updates and guidance provided by Government and industry leaders and we shall keep these updates posted on our Facebook page and website so please follow those if you are able.


We are aware that we may have a booking for you in the diary and that booking, and the deposits/monies paid are safe so please do not worry. Should the lock down period be extended so that your holiday is affected and cannot be taken we will be in touch to discuss the options available. We are kindly asking that where possible guests leave their deposits in place and transfer them to alternative bookings when it is safe for everyone to return to normal. We appreciate that depending on the time frame that may mean rebooking for 2021, we are happy to move deposits to next season if necessary.


Alternatively, of course, you may ask for a refund of your deposit.


We have been truly humbled by the kind words and incredible support from our guests and we want you to know how much we appreciate this


Darren & Natalie

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