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How Does An Electric Meter Work?

At Overbrook it has always been our ethos to keep our pricing simple and straightforward by keeping our pricing all inclusive.

As a nation we have all become very much aware of the problems facing us in regards to the huge increases in energy prices, with many seeing unprecedented rises in their energy bills.

Unfortunately our business has not escaped this with our energy tariff seeing a staggering 313% rise in our energy unit (kwh) price alone. This has left us with no option but to introduce the use of metered electric to ensure we can maintain a sustainable business whilst still providing the high standards we pride ourselves on and to which our guests have come to expect of us

Having explored a number of options we concluded the fairest way was to only charge guests for the electricity they use. 

How do I use the electricity bollard?

You will receive a leaflet explaining how to use the electricity meter during your stay in your 'welcome envelope' on arrival.  

Is there any credit included in my pitch fee?

The per night pitch fee will include a small amount of electric credit (£2 inc VAT, not deductible from pitch fee) and this will be pre-loaded onto an electric credit card prior to your arrival. Once you have used this credit you may top up your card by purchasing more electricity credit from reception.  

What happens to residual credit when it's time to leave?

Any residual credit left on your meter can be loaded back on to the electric credit card and will be refunded to you, either in person in reception or over the telephone at a later time.   Credit can also be transferred to a future stay, if you wish.

How much will I pay for electric credit?

By law, caravan parks are not allowed to profit from resale of electricity. You will only be charged at the rates supplied to us which is currently £0.5009 per kwh. 

What if I run out of credit outside of office hours?

Each meter will have an 'emergency credit' facility (£1.00). You should be aware of your remaining credit however, in the unlikely event you run out of credit, this can be activated by pushing any of the buttons on the meter. The emergency credit amount can then be deducted when 'topping up' your card. 

What if I lose my card?

Lost electric credit cards will carry a replacement charge of £5.00. We will issue a new card if a card is lost.

How much electric credit will I need? 

This is very new for us all so we have tried to provide some guidance and information to guests so they can prepare for their stay.

In recent times we have all become much more aware of our energy usage and consumption. It's important to remember that although we only use appliances for brief periods at a time, the accumulation of units consumed over the course of a day can vary dramatically, as demonstrated below, depending on our usage habits. What we have learnt is that using gas for heating is far more cost efficient than electric, we advise all guest to use this option where possible. 

In the table below you can see the usage by different units  staying at Overbrook over a 1 week period during December 2022

kwh units used in december.jpg


Below you can see a small sample of how much energy (kwh) various appliances may consume during each use. 

(this is just a rough guide for reference and different makes/models will vary )

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